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Wellbeing Society

The place for all your wellbeing needs

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About Wellbeing Society

Hi everyone and welcome to ATU Sligo‚Äôs Wellbeing Society! We are a society for anyone who has an interest in all things physical, mental, social and emotional wellbeing. 

The main features of this society will be both social and educational.

Our social aspect involves creating a safe space for members where friendships and connections are nurtured. We plan to have regular meetups which will revolve around different activities. These activities will be led by the interests of the group and can include coffee mornings, quizzes, walk and talks, collaborations with other societies, arts and crafts and more!

The educational component of the society involves providing information on how to promote your wellbeing at all our events, workshops and trainings.

Our society aims to offer something for everyone. It is important to remember, this is YOUR society, so if there's anything you would like to do or think we should be doing, please get in contact and let us know  

Current Committee 2
Chairperson (name hidden)
Vice Secretary Sahar Takallou

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