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About Islamic Society

This society has two main GOALS

  1. for Muslims to increase their knowledge and education about Islam.
  2. for non-Muslims to know what Islam really is.  

The plan is to gather in a place once every week to sit down and discuss Islam and its teachings, which is from: 

  1. The Quran, the main scripture. 
  2. The authentic hadith (sayings and teachings of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him) 

And every gathering is planned to go this way:  

  • First, a short lecture will be given with a specific topic. 
  • Then, an open Q&A session for anyone who has any questions. 

Note: we are not scholars of Islam, we might not give answers right away, on some occasions we might have to postpone our answers for a later time, so we can revise and make sure we give the right answer. 


Current Committee 4
Chairperson 2024-2025 Aila Khan
PRO Khurram Riaz
Treasurer Faisal Pathan Khan
Chairperson Pathan Ahemad Khan

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