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Drama Society

Drama Soc

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About Drama Society

If you are someone who loves theatre and drama, or even only likes certain aspects of it then the Drama Society is the place for you. Everyone is welcome to join no matter how little experience you may have in this area. If you don’t like being in the spotlight that’s completely okay as when and if we run a production, we will have roles both on and off stage available for you. We will show people all aspects of performance e.g., directing, costumes and set design. And we will show both onstage performance and backstage technical aspects. We hope to give people a brief view into the world of performing arts.


  • The Drama Society is a club which seeks to give people a safe creative space to work and grow.-To help to develop creative skills.
  • The Drama Society will give people a chance to make new friends and boost their confidence while also enabling people to delve into the enjoyable world of performance.
Current Committee 3
Chairperson Shannon Gormley
Secretary Dean Murphy
Treasurer Meabh Martin(They/Them)

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