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About Neurodiversity Society

Do you have (or suspect you have) ADHD or ADD; Autism; OCD; Dyslexia; Dyscalculia; Dyspraxia or any other condition that makes it so you may think or interpret things differently to others?

Then this is the society for you! 

The Neurodiversity society seeks to provide and create an inclusive space for those who consider themself, think they may be or are diagnosed with a condition that makes it so their brain doesn't interpret or process information or the world around them in the neurotypical way ( neurotypical being that of the typical pattern(s) of behaviour or thought ) while also providing a space free of criticism or negative perception so that all members feel included and appreciated.

The Access Office can advise you on supports available to autistic and other neurodiverse students, including screening and diagnosis: Access Office - Institute of Technology Sligo ( .

So if the above pertains to yourself as an individual join today! We would love to have you.

Current Committee 1
Chairperson Megan Barrett

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